Twin Stick Shooter Aiming

Hello guys,

I recently jumped from Unity to UE and I’m trying to replicate something I’ve done in Unity with UE blueprints.

Basically it’s a simple twin stick controller that works something like this.

Player rotation and movement are handled by LEFT STICK when the player is RUNNING.
Player movement is handled by the LEFT STICK and the rotation by the RIGHT STICK when the player is **AIMING **(Press LT).

I’ve managed to get to both behaviors to work separately but can’t figure out how to implement them together.
I understand the logic but just don’t know how to approach it via blueprint.

What I mean

If player is NOT AIMING do this:

If Player is AIMING (While LT is pressed) do this:

Can you guys enlighten me regarding the approach I got to take on this ?

Thanks in advance guys!