Tutors/Studios for engine tuition?

Hi guys,

We’re an architectural design firm in Brisbane, Australia. We’ve been dabbling in using Unreal and Unity for archvis using an occulus devkit - with “good” results so far - but we’d like to take it to the next level.

I was wondering anyone could point me in the right direction for some tuition? Our company is looking to skills 3 people in the unreal engine (we’ve decided we like it compared to unity) - so any advice would be awesome.


Hi Ky_lane,

May i know what is the workflow adopted in your dabbling? Do you do the modelling in a 3d software first and then import it into unreal? How about materials?


Sure - as best I can :slight_smile:

The architects generally do the massing modelling in Revit - and export that out for us for 3DSmax - we usually do some rendered stills, so we set it up with some quick renders to make sure all the materials etc look good - and then archive it out of 3dsmax (so we get all the material bitmaps) and start the laborious process of getting the model into unreal (still experimenting with the best way to do this) and go from there.

Any hints guys?

All I could find was this