Tutoring: Character Animation

We are in need of an experienced UE Animator to validate what our in-house developer has done, assure that what has been done is efficient, and help our developer understand via example how to complete the process of having a fully functional character that uses weapons and moves appropriately.

We have a key bind system. Quite a few professional animations (MOCAP) for rifles. pistols, mobility, punching, etc. Completed custom characters (M/F) And a custom character Generation system.

What I am looking for is someone who can provide surety for our developer so he’s more firm with what it is he’s doing and doing it in the most efficient way possible for our project.

English is a must as you will be working directly with our developer who is in NY.

Teamviewer would also be helpful since you can view what he does to instruct him in the proper way of doing what needs to be done.

This is an Indy project (we don’t have much of a budget) but rate is negotiable. If you choose, we are not adverse to someone specializing in this skillset joining the dev team.