[TUTORIALS] Short Tutorials for a better understanding of coding



Hey party people,

i wanted to make some small videos covering the basics of programming. The first two videos i created so far are about “Pointers and Accessed None Error” and “Casting in UE4”.
I will give you a small and easy example without UE4 and then show you how to use this in Blueprint or CPP.

Please keep in mind that these videos should only cover the very basics. If i don’t cover specific information, this is due to not being important to get started in my eyes and you really
need to get some more information about this elsewhere. I want to help people who are not interested in 10 hours videos to understand what certain things in programming do, how they can
be used and why a specific error appears.




I will make and upload these videos as soon as i find a topic i want to talk about. So no exact schedule here.

Can i help you?:

Yes, you can give me ideas on what i should show you. This is not about creating a weapon system or something. I want to explain basic programming things to you.
Keep in mind, these video should have a length of about 15min. Better less than 15min. So if you are suggesting a topic, take one that can be done in this time.

Also if you watch my videos and you find a mistake (i make big mistakes too!) PLEASE tell me. I will modify the video or even rerecord them!

And if you have any other critique about my videos or me, just leave me a comment or a PM. These videos are for you and i do them in my free time. So if something is bugging you, please tell me!


Link to Playlist!


Pointer and Accessed None Error:

Direct link: Pointer and Accessed None Error


Casting in UE4:

Direct link: Casting in UE4

I like your concept of explaining one basic thing per video in three different angles (theories, blueprint, c++). Helps a lot and I am looking forward to watch new videos :slight_smile:

Thanks (: i really hope that this doesn’t confuse people since i’m sometimes more concentrated on the language than on the topic x)