Tutorials are lilke viruses? Can't get rid of them

I recently noticed that tutorials have the nast habit or registering themselves somewhere. When you copy assets to another project without including these tutorials, the other project will give a warning or an error about missing tutorials.

My own tutorials cause a warning, but when an engine plugin comes with a tutorial and that plugin is not activated in an UE project, it will give a red error during startup.

Is there a way to exclude tutorials from being checked at startup? I know there is the “Tutorials” windows in the help menu that lists them all so there must be a location where I can edit the content of this window.

The plugin thing smells like a bug to me, I haven’t reported it yet but will do so if there is no solution to it

Turns out this happens often. In case somebody finds this: Delete the User\xx\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine subdirectory where this stuff is cached. You may have to drill down and delete them one by one since Windows may refuse due to lack of user rights (nonsense).
This solved it for me