Hi everyone,

I’m new to the community though have been using Unreal for a number of years. I’ve decided to try my hand at creating some tutorial videos.

My tutorial series takes an approach of building a single multi-purpose project over a series of videos that will help with project management, building reusable code libraries, and building ever more complex projects utilizing the basis built in earlier videos. From this approach I believe my tutorial series is slightly different than what’s out there currently where the objective is to explain a single concept or feature in a one off example project.

I’m pretty new at recording videos so I’m anticipating the quality of my recordings will improve over time as I get more used to the process. I’ve released 2 videos so far. The playlist can be found here:

In the first video I explain the approach the series will take and walk through setup of unreal engine.

In the second video we build a simple map, materials, and player controller.

Currently working on the third video.