[Tutorial] UE4 - Saving Data Tutorial

Hey everyone. Today after working on some saving stuff for one of my own projects I thought I’d create a tutorial about how you’d go about. In this tutorial I show you have you can save the scale of a mesh and set it when you start the game. I’ve posted it on my blog so check it out. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank You so much, I have found your tutorial very helpful, it’s easy to read and concise.

Another thing is casting which was something I had trouble with when beginning blueprints which you helped clear and reclarify. Thank You :slight_smile:

No problem, glad you found it useful. If you feel there’s any areas that need some more explanation just let me know and I’ll try elaborate.

I’ve gone ahead and made a more in depth tutorial about saving the open/close state of doors through out your level. The concept can be applied other things such as chests, picks ups and many other things.

Let me know what you think and any areas you think perhaps need revisiting.

You can watch the video here:
Save Data Tutorial - Multiple Actors

Awesome Tutorial! I was looking for a means to save/load data locally. This has helped me solve that problem.

Hello pattym,
at first I want to thank you for your good tutorial. I’m relatively new to blueprints and I’m in the process of learning saving and loading data. I have watched several tutorials about it andI think I was able to undersatnd most of the stuff in general. The problem is when it comes to modify the blueprints to adapt it to my needs. So for my project I want to save the player location and when i restart the game I want to start where I stopped. I have watched this tutorial which comes very close to what I need and I’m able to load the player location by pressign a button (in my case shift) to load the player position. But for my project I want to load the player position thorugh a menu which I created with a widget blueprint, but I seem to miss a certain detail… I already got nuts, because I wasnt able to solve the problem. Can you help me to solve it? Could you maybe make an example of how to load and save the player position? Thanks in Advance.