[Tutorial] Space Shooter Exploding Rockets


I have received several messages about the Space Shooter (Starter Kit/Tutorial) i set up and decided i would make a few videos on it. In this first video i show you how to create exploding rockets. I plan on adding several features in the near future so if anyone wants to see anything in particular please let me know and i can try to add them in.


the next step i guess is to add some ufo ennemies, right :slight_smile:

actually i have in my mind something similar and want to make it (when i have some time and chance)

things that i want to learn to do that :

  • launching rockets … done ! :wink:
  • add AI flying ennemies
  • firing laser weapon … i have some ideas
  • firing a projectile weapon that hit the ennemy and come back to the player ship

anyway very good video, short, clean and easy to understand

many thanks .

Excellent tutorial! This will help a lot of people, thanks! Shield damage would be another good one to do, for enemy craft (visual shield when hit) and player craft shield damage indicator. I think a lot of people would get a lot of mileage out of that kind of tutorial.

So right now i have the following in the works!

Power Up : 90% Complete
More Weapons : 25% Complete
Enemy AI : 50% Complete

I do like the shield idea! I thinking i will start on that and make it a higher priority!
PuckerFactor, what were you thinking for a shield system? Any examples?

Any other suggestions that you guys have would be great.