Tutorial Request - Source Compile with 3rd Party Plugins

So there are 3rd party add-on/plugins starting to surface. These may end up part of the build going forward but it seems to me, for the ease of updates, that a lot of these may not be integrated.

My best understanding is that, if I compile the source with a plugin added (lets use Allegorithmic Substance for example) and a new update comes out, I have to compile the new version with the plugin added again. This is to say, I cannot use the auto updater.

I was wondering if someone out there could explain a fast and efficient A to Z on Getting the source, adding required data for plugin inclusion, and full compilation? I know that I can put the pieces together from answers throughout the forums, answer hub and wiki, but I feel like as more of these pop up there are going to be a lot of people trying to make sense out of all of it like I haveā€¦I cannot be the only one.

Thanks for any guidance!