[Tutorial Request] - Single Player First Person Shooter - the basics

I posted this on the Epic feedback forum, hoping Zak would make a video tutorial series or Epic would release a new sample level, but I’ll also ask here is anyone wants to eventually put together a video tutorial series.

**Single Player **First Person Shooter

The Basics:

How to re-texture the arms.
How to add imported / custom weapons.
Blueprint that makes a weapon able to be picked up and put in inventory.
Which buttons to lock to different weapons (i.e. press 4 the rifle comes up, 5 a shotgun, 0 weapon is hidden)
How to filter through weapons on the HUD.
****How to customize the HUD.
How to create a Health pick-up from scratch (with whatever mesh you choose from a soda can to a first aid kit) and change the value the health it gives.

How to add footstep sounds to certain materials (i.e. metal has different sound than wood)
Audio sounds for different events such as jumping, dying, etc.
Crouch (so they can enter an air vent or go under an obstacle)


How to spawn enemies.
Adjust enemy health / strength.
Keep enemy body or destroy after a certain period of time.
Loot enemy when dead?
Blood decals.

Bonus Content :slight_smile:
How to have player move items (such as crates)

Thanks, I am finding it difficult to take the Multiplayer Shooter sample and create a Single Player game from it…

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