[Tutorial Request] C++ example setting up base mechanics for an actor


The doc for UE4 is already pretty good, especially when it comes to BP.

But when it comes to C++, there are a few good tuts/doc outthere, but for me,as a beginner who wants to learn c++, its kinda not enough to make things clear.

My suggestion: Make a tutorial where you show how to set basic things up, lets say we have a simple airplane (could be a box mesh, doesn´t matter), and then from scratch how to set things up. The Battery Tutorial is kinda outdated, i get many errors with the 4.6 versions and that makes it for a beginner not really easier.

From now, i just playing around with the c++ code and i´ve understand already many things, but on the other hand, i don´t understand the basic workflow for setting up simple things.

With basic game mechanics i mean things like: After the inputs and functions are setted up, lets say the plane should play this animation when i hit this button, or how to connect sounds to the code in c++.

With that, it would be easy to recreate it for any other actor, such as a own Character, Weapon, Enemy and so on and i think it would be a great starting point for beginners in c++ who want to get their hands wet.

From now, i´ve accomplished with trial and error how to get my own mesh into the flying template c++, how to change the springarm position, camera lag and so on, but i just dont get the idea how to add a roll function. i´ve tried to recreate it from the other functions, but something isn´t working.

Hopefully everything is clear since english isn´t my mother language and it would be great to get a response! Greetings! :slight_smile: