Tutorial recommendations?

Hello everyone,

I’ve really been enjoying grasping the basics of UE4 and I have a game concept I believe will be a real home run. I’m quite a quick learner and my background is in CAD and CNC operation. Honestly though I am just not finding the in house tutorials to be adequate. I’ll be halfway into a tutorial that will prompt me to a link for downloading assets yet when I go to the link the folders have completely changed sense they were originally made by the tutorial creator. Making the tutorial null and void. And frankly I’d rather make all of my own assets used in my game. I’ve scoured around trying to a comprehensive guide for making a game start to finish but there is just so much spam. I was wondering if any of you can vouch for certain tutorials or courses out there which I might not be aware of or otherwise point me in the right direction. Ideally I’d like to find something that showed me how to make a fairly complex game from start to finish including creating my own assets. Thanks- Dan

Theres tons m8 nothing is perfect and honestly most seemed to have bailed to create there own products and lives with UE4…

Most if not all Are USERS on YouTube

Pally Qle - great RTS - Videos mashed togather but if you sit thru it you get the basis of a very good RTS

3 Prong Gaming - RTS - has a different approach to RTS and more well perfessional manor of its begging and teachings

Moize Opel - Hack n Slash -Great video for the basis of hack and slash, since I made 2 videos so far showing mixamo assets doing same thing using his tutorials but with my flare to it Here

Here was a list i found of random things pertaining to UE4
i have alot more just not very organised

so we can collab if you have idea… or just questions im sure i can give links to answers, kinda a horder of info… just Not in da Brain lol…

In my experience there is no complete start - end guide on how to make a game. There are just tonnes of possibilities. Try writing a GDD (Game Design Document) for you game first. Write down what you need etc. Then look at what do I need, high chance that you will find a tutorial on how to program/model that specific part. This will probably be the best approach to making a complex game!

Don’t start big, start small.

[video]Making Your First Game: Basics - How To Start Your Game Development - Extra Credits - YouTube