[Tutorial] Mitch's VR Lab, an introduction to VR in UE4

Sure, here’s how I go about doing cinematics,


Hey guys I just made a trello board for the series so I can keep track of all the tutorials people would like to see.
You can find it here
Also feel free to vote on the episodes you would like to see the most :slight_smile:

Correct me if Iam wrong but I think you have to enable voting somehow

Hmm weird I did do that, and I can vote on it, I’ll have a look into it

Edit: ok should be all good now, vote away :slight_smile:

Just a friendly reminder that your videos have very helpful and I’d encourage you to make more and fast! Just keep’em coming!

Sorry for the delay guys, here’s the next video on time based interaction :slight_smile:

Next one will probably be something different, so I look forward to making it.

Also I was thinking that once I get a few more videos done I might compile all the source files together and put them up on GitHub in one project file, what do you guys think?

New video, Simple Teleportation Mechanic

Thanks Mitch.

I’m pretty interested in these. Will definitely be coming back to them once my Vive arrives in two weeks.

Thanks very much Mitch!

I’m having a little trouble pushing this idea onto a motion controller. Specifically - returning the forward vector of it to the trace.
My getworldrotation of the controller, piped into the forward vector kind of works, but one of the axis is reversed and I can’t quite figure out how to flip it, or approach it differently.

I resolved this using the ‘rotatevectoraroundaxis’ object!

Having a repo for all of these sounds like a great idea. Thanks for making these tutorials. They’re really helpful! Any chance you’ll be making videos on working with the Vive motion controllers?

New video, More Advanced Teleportation Mechanic :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff man, thank you so much for this!

How are you guys dealing with this on the Vive?

The camera is child of the capsule component, which is what the teleport moves with the ‘setactorlocation’.
So the camera is offset from the desired teleport location as the capsule is in a different location relative to the camera.

I’m not sure I know what you mean. Are using a Character actor instead of the Pawn I use in the video?

I’m using Tom Looman’s player as a base.

SteamVRChaperone (1)ssda.jpg

I understand the teleport is moving the capsule component, as it’s the root of the actor.
So I need to do the math that will capture the offset of the camera from the capsule component, so that the teleport location is actually a product of offset subtracted from the teleport location.

I’m not quite good enough with Math/Blueprints to figure out where to insert that offset/how.

I guess I can rebuild the player to be more like your pawn, but I feel like I was super close to the solution.

Ok I get you, I haven’t personally checked out Tom’s Template but from what I can see you should just be able to add the X and Y of the camera component into your teleport location similar as I do here:

Hey - thanks a lot Mitch, I appreciate your videos and you hanging out in the thread. I’ll take a stab at what you suggest - makes sense.

Hi Mitch, really enjoying your video series.

I have a quick question regarding the teleport blueprint from the last videos, when I use 4.11 with DK2 and teleport I teleport halfway into the ground, have you come across this before.

I have successfully integrated your method with the first person charter blueprint and have used the teleport node instead of set actor location node which seemed to fix the issue.