[Tutorial][Free] Advanced indie dev in blueprints

Hello everyone,
I’d like to invite you to my blog and Youtube channel, where I intend to post tutorials about how to go from a basic tutorial to finished, polished, working game.
I would like to bring my person a bit closer to you all, share some of my thoughts on the state of learning materials out there, and suggest how I could contribute to the Community.
I picked UE4 because of the Community that stands behind it. No matter what question I’ve asked, someone always helped me with an answer. Now looking back at some of my questions, I see how stupid they were, or how little it took from me to research it myself instead of asking – yet still someone always helped me. To some of those the best reply would be – “learn to make games!”, yet still no one ever was rude to me or irritated at me.
There are fantastic channels on Youtube about UE4 like: Mindless Pursuits, Titanic Games, Pyrodev, Shootertutorial, Virtus Learning Hub, Matthew Palaje, SG Unreal, Aaron Neal, Dark Hive Games, Mathew Wadstein, and of course the Unreal Official Channel and weekly streams. I would like to thank you all for all the hard work you put into teaching people, that game dev is not something unreachable for small teams and individuals. I admire your work, they are very informative and useful.
I would like to give back to the Community, by contributing something myself, which I hope will help some people in their problems with game dev.

Few words about me:
I’m dealing with UE4 since December 2016. I am a coder, and I work in IT for 13 years. My main expertise is C# and system design. I’ve consulted and designed elements of few different projects, by mid-tier companies, that will be released in 2018 & 2019.
When it comes to unreal I manage BP’s on master level, CPP on advanced level, and my field of expertise is networking and replication. I am however colorblind so forget about anything artistic.
Tutorials state so far:
As there are massive numbers of basic tutorials of how to do X, and there are massive number of “let’s create”, and massive numbers of “rpg /shooter /strategy” game series – still most of them are very basic. There is a giant gap between these tutorials and actual working finished game. Even in a raw and whiteboxed state. Even though a 30 episode tutorial could establish some basic pickup mechanics, locomotion and attacking, after every one of them I felt I was in a “huh… and what now?” kind of state.
After getting more experience and finishing a few projects I can tell that there is absolutely no intermediate and advanced blueprints tutorials for free. There are C++ tutorials from Udemy, but no free prototyping resources. There are also vast number of marketplace assets that are a pure cashgrab with a great video and screenshots, but terrible state of code and functionality.
There are no multiplayer tutorials with any real value, as most videos can be summed up with “let’s click ‘replicated’ and ‘always relevant’ on everything! And it will work!”. There are tutorials on compiling dedicated server, however only on an empty project.
So I thought: what Could I do with that?
Working with a project, that has a 120 GB repository, branches, 20+ plugins, c++ / blueprint mixed code, dedicated server, steam integration, blueprints nativization – is a completely different pair of shoes. There are some common problems that are expected and repeating themselves and I would wish to save weeks if not months of your time by showcasing how to deliver a MVP game! A product you could actually call a game, compile, run, ship to friends and family for testing on any hardware without UE4 installed, debug, and finally publish and sell.
And here we come to the part, where I want to ask you, the Community, what tutorial topics would be the best for you; what would be most helpful to you.
I could make a series of videos covering any of those topics:
General topics

  1. Advanced blueprint techniques. Stateless design, avoiding of cast nodes. Component design. Proper use of blueprint interfaces.
  2. Debugging and optimalization.
  3. Multiplayer advanced workflow.
  4. Updating singleplayer content to multiplayer.
  5. Dedicated server and custom build engine workflow. Examples of nvidia gameworks, trueSky, iKinema, self made build.
  6. Understanding of character and movement component classes – in depth.
  7. Marketplace assets review (I own over 100 of packs. And I WISH someone would save my time and money on some of them).
  8. Management of your own time and workflow. Planning, designing, updating the design, execution, packaging, shipping, publishing of a game.

What series of videos I would also suggest:

  1. “Indie game dev ultimate guide” – a series where we build a game of chosen design note. From whitepaper to steam store publishing. We would also build a prototype with free assets and then swap them with paid models to build a unique feel. The design will have this in mind from the start.
  2. “Game ready components” – creation of game ready components that doesn’t require extra code to integrate. Either a melee combat component, or character statistics. We would copy or design commonly used functionality in a plug and play manner, that is class independent.
  3. “Ultimate multiplayer guide” – where we design and test multiplayer features. General multiplayer explanation. Updating single player functionality for multiplayer. Multiple examples. Anti-cheat mechanics. Support of Steam multiplayer, standard sessions, advanced sessions, uWorks. Debugging multiplayer. Building a test project for community testing.

After each series of videos covering a single subject or module we would vote on what we should do next. YOU would decide what is most important for you.
I can make these videos on weekly basis. A single weekend would produce up to 4-6 hours of material I would cut down to 2h essential that would be uploaded in parts.
Let me know in the poll, what would suit you best and any comments with ideas, questions and anything else are mostly welcome.