Tutorial: Fairly simple way to may complex jumping (and other) animations in Paper2d

Since I wasn’t able to find any good guides on how to make complex animations, I decided to make my own. I wanted a character to run through a flipbook once when initiating a jump, enter into a looped flipbook until it hit the ground, and then animate a third flipbook for landing before returning to idle. Unfortunately nothing I found online clearly explained how to do this so after I figured it out on my own I decided to make this video. I’d love your feedback! If there’s anything I did wrong or that I could have done more easily or efficiently please let me know. Youtube should finish encoding it in 1440p soon if you’re having any trouble reading text.

I plan on making a function to automate this stuff in the future, I’ll upload the Blueprint for it and post a link here either tonight or when I get home from work tomorrow.

thanks alot!