[Tutorial] - Eat3D UE4 Shader FX: Cubic Lens Distortion

Hey everyone!

I haven’t made an Unreal Engine 4 video in over a month so I hope you will enjoy this one :slight_smile:
This tutorial shows how to create a cubic lens distortion shader within the Unreal Engine 4.

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Wonderfulmany thanks.

Awesome stuff…thanks


very good explanation as always thank

Glad you are all finding it useful :slight_smile:


**[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Woohoo! **

Jeremy this tutorial is absolutely brilliant!

I love how you dont just give the completed shader but show everyone step by step how to create it for themselves, so they will also see how to create their very own shaders from math equations!

The best part of this tutorial in my opinion is your approach and your presentation, so that people feel “oh hey, now I can take this other math equation and do the same thing!”

Amazing approach Jeremy, and the best way to help others to learn and grow, in my opinion!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]:heart:

Thanks for your input :smiley:
I am glad you found it useful and the approach beneficial!

As you stated above, I also believe in the same method of trying to share techniques that can be used and applied over a broad spectrum.
It really does amplify the learning experience.


hi jeremy,

first of all, thanks for the tutorial! :slight_smile: pretty cool!
hey I have a quick question:
thanks to eric over on the answerhub I finally managed to actually get that shader to work (I couldn’t figure out how to apply it correctly to the postprocess volume), but I can’t get nice looking lens distortion out of it.
there’s always big-a** UV stretching along the edges.
any tips on that? what would be the best way to apply that shader to get some nice looking barrell distortion on your camera?

thanks a lot in advance!