TUT : Basic root motion with root bone [Mixamo + Any software][FREE][EASY 25 STEPS]

It’s my first tutorial on the forum.
I finally found good solution by itself for root motion [take for me ~30h to find it].

Let’s go.

1- First you go at and make account if you’re not registered yet.
2- Going on shop of mixamo
3- In upper tab you got button upload
4- Click it
5- Select character
6- Set bone location
7- Process
8- Go to my characters [in My Assets tab at mixamo]
9- Export it as *.fbx
10- Upload to Unreal Engine 4
11- You are making character or actor blueprint or what do you want
12- Make animation blueprint
13- Set mesh and animation blueprint
14- Set animation blueprint root motion from everything
15- Save all
16- Now go to your modelling software my will be Blender ]
17- Import character
18- Make animation, save and export the character
19- Import character to Unreal Engine
20- Find character blueprint or actor location [see p. 11]
21- Click on animation and → Retarget Anim Assets ->Duplicate Anim Assets and Retarget → uncheck ,Show only compatible skeletons" → select your skeleton → click select
22- Now open animation blueprint
23- Open AnimGraph and link your animation to final pose
24- Save all
25- Play :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english i’m from Poland

If you have any problems comment or send pw.

Good luck to everyone :slight_smile: