Turret Fire's in Opposite direction instead of targeting the player?

I have everything set up and everything compiled correctly, But when i play, my Turret rotates 180’ degrees around and starts starting in the other direction.

Here is a screenshot of my setup to see if anyone can spot my mistake?

hi man , the turrett shoot in the perfect opposite direction?
Things to try, 1, switch flip the “find look” pin the start in the target , and the target in the start.
2,Maybe there is someting around the world rotation, i am not sure.
Try to change the location of your turrett and see if it Always point to the opposite of the direction or what else.
3Try to use the Relative rotation instead of world.

I also keep getting this Warning Message…

This sounds like the GetPlayerPawn is returning nothing. Try adding IsValid node after it and print the result (true or false?).

any idea’s why GetPlayerPawn isn’t returning nothing?