turnbased RPG help

Hi there so small explanation before i ask for help.
I wondered the other weekend if i can recreate a pokemon style turnbased rpg in a weekend. i started with the top down template and want it to work when you walk around as a player character and collect and battle monsters with turn based attacks on a menu system. i have most of the core mechanics working. you can walk around the world and can enter encounter zones / bushes and you have a random chance of a battle. when entering a battle you will be places in a new area / level named a battle zone. in this area a monster spawns well as your own monster and a menu will appear giving you options of attacking changing your monster using items and running away after completing this you will return to your previous place and continue the game.

So here is my problem.

i have everything working up to the encounter point, you can currently enter an encounter and be teleported to the level and see menues that work and see your monster and the enemy monster BUT there currently represented by actors and they are randomly generated out of a list of 9.

but i have no idea if i have set this up correctly should they be pawns ?

secondly i have made a list of attacks but have no idea how to imput this information in to the monsters and store it if they are caught. and more importantly how to get the monster to use this information in an attack.
this is my first time working from scratch and have made things using the shooter template ect but never like this and feel compleatly stummped by the attacks and how to store this information.

my attacks are currently set up in a structure and then followed this up with another structer where i listed down all the attacks and there data.

i understand this is all very confusing but i can answer any and all questions asked to help me get over this hurdle.

should i treat all monsters like you would an item storage system and if so how should i treat attacks ? i want them to be set and have a name , damage , damage element, usable amount , and attack type ( physical/ magic) .
i want these attacks to be randomly assigned to a monster when it is spawned / created, from a list of pree made attacks that have set data such as damage name ect.
if any one has a video on how i can get this set up CORRECTLY( i have tried may other ways) or would be able to advise on here i would appreciate it.