Turn on the Spot for AimOffset Replicate


I currently have an Aim offset which moves the characters head Pitch and Yaw separate to the body, I have replicated this and it works.

I also have an offset system in which if the Control Rotation Yaw and Actor Rotation Yaw are combined into a delta and if the Yaw of that rotation is more or equal to 90 an Rinterp will add the difference with an Add Actor World (or Local) Rotation node. Not sure whether to use World or Local rotation now…

This works for non network gameplay however, if you replicate this by running it on the server in listen game, It works perfectly when the Server looks at the client. If you try to multicast/or set up 2 custom events 1 for server 1 for client, the client is fine but the server resets its rotation…

Appreciate any help.

Hey guys,

Still a bit stuck on this.

Same issue really. I can get it to either work on the Client but not the server, or the server but not the client. With the set up below, the server sees the client move correctly however, when the client watches the server it works a little then the rotation sort of fights and spins a little and stops.

See image of BP


I’m not sure if you can use the Add Rot nodes in Multiplayer? Unsure of another way to do this.

Any help would be good.