Turn light off if get damage.

Guys how i can write a Bp if i want something like this. If my flourescent lamp gets any damage, it will destroys and turns light off.I made a destructible mesh of my lamp. So whats next?

you’re going to have to be more specific, If you’re not sure, watch some more tutorials.
Try to think about the flow, and build it ‘brick by brick’. I’m not sure about your game by imo a flow would be something like:

  1. Player shoots a rifle
  2. Projectile is created from a rifle, and moved in corresponding direction
  3. If projectile hit lamp, “do damage”

“Do Damage”:

  • If lamp has health, reduce health (until zero)
  • If lamp health <= 0, set light off + destruct mesh

Each of these is probably a thing on it’s own, but you should be able to find a tutorial on each of them and combine them together.