Turn in place animation not working

Hi, I’ve been losing a lot of sleep over this problem, I just can’t find the answer to it, any help would mean the world to me.

So I’ve been following these 2 tutorials hand in hand:

Here is what my problem looks like:

I’ve been over the video many times, read through that article many times, tried many different things, but nothing is working. I believe the problem is down to the Root Yaw Offset float variable, as when I turn to trigger the turn in place animation, it doesn’t update afterward. When I downloaded the project template from the UE4 tutorial video linked above, I noticed the value changes when you activate the turn in place animation, but when I compare the code between both my project and the one from the video (and article) I see nothing that changes the outcome between my project and the one in the video.

Attached to this post is every single piece of code in the ABP in order. I’ve included it all as I am not 100% where the actual problem is.

If there are any other pieces of information that I have missed, please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

I managed to finally fix the problem, it was because I put everything down into their own functions. I hate having super messy code so I usually put everything in their own functions for readability.

My new issue is now that my turn in place animation seems to be turning further than the 90-degree mark it was supposed to:

I’m just happy that I fixed this first problem that bugged me for days.

If anyone has any ideas about this new problem I’m having, any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


There were 2 duplicates of the same turn animations in other folders. I switched them out and it just started working.