Ture First Person Montage Help?

I’m creating a project that uses a “true” first person perspective (full body awareness). I’ve achieved this by attaching the camera spring arm to the head bone and positioning it appropriately to fit a first person perspective and ticking “use pawn control rotation” and setting the Character to “use controller rotation yaw”.
This has worked great for my project but I’ve encountered an issue where using an anim montage to perform specific actions looks odd in gameplay. With my current setup (pictured) the camera’s input is disabled at its last known direction/rotation until the montage is done. My goal is to have the camera rotation follow the location of the head while the montage is playing.
For example, I’m implementing a “hard landing” where the player collapses to their hands and knees, I want the camera to look down at the hands on the ground just like the animation does.
Any suggestions on how to achieve this? I can’t find tutorials or documentation on true first person montages anywhere.