Tuning the PC to next gen (or current gen ) consoles

I am wondering what are the tools/software or setting to be done on the developer’s PC to make an accurate performance simulation of a game that will run on X1 & PS4. Also what would be the recommended hardware for next gen game development.

I know, I should get a dev kit from them, but I am not a proven developer & I will be surprise they will give me a dev kit for free. When My game is more mature, I can maybe show it to them, but that’s for the future.

There isn’t any performance emulation for consoles. The best thing to do is getting your game tested on a mid-range PC.(something running a a GTX 670 for example)

Also, in the case of Xbox One, the standard consumer version of the console is a dev kit as well(just need to enable it in the menu).

I remember MS saying that at the E3 conference before it was released, that’s still yet to happen if it’s actually going to happen at all.

the xbox one and ps4 equivalent pc GPU’s would be somewhere in the mid-range of AMD’s 7000 series, also testing a game you want to run on AMD cards using an nvidia card probably wouldn’t give a good comparison of how well it would run on either console.

well yes and no. Technically yes you can active the developer menus on any xbox one (there is a specific sequence of buttons you can use on the controller), no because you couldn’t use it, the last time I checked you would need a key witch you could only get if you were a registered developer, however they wouldn’t give you a key anyway, instead they would just send you a dev kit console.

Pretty sure the equivalent GPU for PS4 is a 7870. It’s also important to keep in mind that if your computer with a 7870 (and a processor similar to the PS4’s processor) can run a game at 30fps, for example, then the ps4 will be able to run the game at 30fps as well, most likely quite a bit higher. This is because console architecture is designed to make all of the components work together extremely efficiently, and without the overhead associated with everything else running on a PC.

Thanks guys.

I can understand the idea of creating a PC (or PCs, one for each console) that is clsoe to the performance of the consoles. If I buy oly one, make sense that it is tune for the weaker X1. Its a bit extra cost to get a low-mid range gaming PC just to test consoles but I digest.

Also, it is clear I wanted to use a much more powerful PC (for performance reasons) for development work, & like they said, you need a more powerful machine to developed on a platform you wanted.

Its of course, a time saver to directly able to run on the development PC.

Anyway, I think with Direct X 12 designed o be closer to the metal, expect performance of an equalivent componented PC will be even closer to performance of console also (remember console also have overhead with their OS), wasn’t PS4 dedicated like 2-3 Gigs just for their OS?