Trying to use Savior Auto-Save Plugin 2, "Help"

I am really sorry for you that you are stucked like that. I checked the thread and put the link here because i didn’t see you in it. I sadly can’t help you more as i haven’t find any info and haven’t used it. In hope someone seeing this thread can help.

Perhaps you can help me just save and load based on 4.18. I say this because I went through the old tuts (about 5 of them) and still can’t save or load correctly. I am just wanting to save money and if level is complete. Load it from Main Menu only and auto save when returning to World Map only. ? Thanks anyways.

It’s extremely difficult for us to help you as we (me or Fen) don’t own a copy of the plugin. Hopefully someone who does will reply here.

[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] are you able to help with this?

I appreciate the effort. But as I said earlier, do you then know how to save and load correctly as the tutorials (5 of them) were incorrect for 4.18 version? I can work on learning the auto save later. I have a deadline for this game’s issue though.

Edit: I have used the tuts before but when working with the version or close to it. Now, on newer versions of the engine none of the node systems are working correctly. I am assuming a difference in the way Unreal wants it implemented. I got the Saviors system to make it easier on myself, but as you now know, it is a little tough getting it down. While I work on learning the Saviors System on my spare time, is there any new concepts for saving and loading in 4.18? Sorry, just wanted to clear up what I am now seeking info for. Thanks again.

I didn’t get any email from you I suppose.
There are a LOT of different versions of plugin and depending on which engine version you use vs plugin version they may not work together.

Email me your:
Marketplace receipt + logs + screenshots + engine version + plugin version + issue description…

Then I’m always there to answer questions and help new developers.

Ya, I’m the one you told you were going to make a second version to help with enemy saving. Don’t need that anymore, I gave up… My new problem is I can not for the life of me find how to load or save via Begin Play and Widget Button. It wasn’t this hard with the last game “I got it going”, but not all the way. (which is why you updated Saviors).

Here is the receipt (redacted of course).

I don’t know what logs you want, as I don’t have errors.

As I said already, I use 4.18.3

Plug-In version would be the one I keep speaking about, 2

Did you download the demo project from this topic?

It shows how to use new system.
You create a “Slot” asset, then call “Save Game World” node from a Widget. Very simple.
In that topic there’s also many infos about how new plugin works.

Okay, so this is how I am running into issues. It says it’s saving in Debug, but even auto load doesn’t load what it said it saved. And my load button is not working maybe.? Am I now doing it all completely wrong? Thanks for the help btw. I do appreciate it.

That is v1.x, not 2.+

Download demo project for v2 and look into the Blueprints carefully.

Ya, I did that and I am 100% lost to what you did. Sorry… All I see is that you call the UI and it saves. I’m sure it’s more than that, but I’ll keep looking. Thanks

Okay, this is what I thought I had figured out so far but it still doesn’t function right. Do I have to run your entire UI/widget systems or shouldn’t this work? I am really trying to figure this out please. I did make a slot called MySlot and used it instead of creating a var ref for it. Is that okay? Thanks.

Yes, these Blueprint nodes will create a new runtime instance of the slot asset so you can just attach the slot there, no problem.

In those screenshots however, your blueprint “On Clicked” is trying to run three save systems at the same time and open a level right after.
That is wrong, won’t work; Use one of the three, not all of them.
Use just “Save Game World” being that one the most general node to save everything.

Connect output pin to the “On Success” result only… the “exec” pin (unnamed output) means you won’t wait for the save operation to complete and then you open a level even before the Save node has done anything. Attach “Open Level” to “On Success” instead, wait for the save process to finish.

It saves the map you are in.
If you are in a main menu, when you save you will save the Main Menu scene to the Slot, not the “WorldMap” one.
So, open “WorldMap” -> Save Game while playing -> go to Main Menu then you can call Load Game node.

. [HR][/HR]

Don’t open a level after loading a Slot.
The plugin is smart, it will load the “WorldMap” and open it if it has to; again, you are opening the worldMap instantly after “Load Game World” is called.
Just plug to “On Clicked” the “Load Game World” node, if you saved it right like explained above then the node will open the “WorldMap” automatically and load properties from file.

@NuHabitStudios it is as easy as Bruno explains… sometimes people are so used to do the hard way that when a developer create a sophisticated and automatic asset, they find weird something complicated are now easy as this.

I hope you succeed on what you are trying to achieve! Cheers!

Okay as you said I followed. I am not sure you understand what I am trying to save, but I only want to save the amount of money you have and whether the level has been complete. I moved the save to the World Map where I have money and level showing. Is that still bad? I don’t need to save anything from the levels. And I really don’t want player to start from within a level. Here is my nodes and a vid link to show what I am experiencing. Thanks

Video Link:

I tried to save it inside a level, but as I predicted it wanted to load the level not the map. Then crashed again.

Okay, Okay, I of course feel kind of stupid now, but I “Open Level” then “Load Game Inst.” in the same Load button. It loads the world map with the saved money and level completed. I only need to “Save Game Inst.” as there is nothing else needed to save. It now works every time. Sorry for me being such a dumb noob. I am glad I got it working though.

[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] One more question, how do I clear or overwrite a save file to restart all On “Start New Game”? Is there an easy node for that?

Edit: I am using the “New Slot Inst.” is that the right way? Just want to make sure. Thanks

Yes that works, but you can also simply open the level without loading any slot.

Okay, I do not load except from the MainMenu’s Load Game Button. Is that causing an issue? I save once the WorldMap is opened on Begin Play. The problem I am having is, using the New Slot Inst. is not resetting values. So I tried to use Delete Slots File (.sav) and watch it be removed from the save file in the games folder. But it does not reset old values once saved again (new first time). What am I doing wrong? How do I wipe all .sav data when Start New Game is clicked? Thanks

Okay sorry again, it was my own vars not resetting. Had to set them back to default on Start New Game. All is good I hope. I promise to stop asking questions now… :slight_smile: