Trying to translate a blueprint AI set up info a blackboard set up

Ok as the title explains I am trying to translate my AI blueprint into a blackboard and behavoir tree. I watched the video that shows how to do the navigation of the AI and that as you can see (top picture) came out well. However now I want my AI to chase the Character when they see him. I thought I translated it right (bottom picture) but unfortunately the AI will only go to a random location instead of chasing the character when he is seen. Please help.




Could you provide a more detailed graph from your current setup (the bottom two)? I want to see the full graphs, because I am getting lost in the process, how it all is connected.

But first do one thing:

  1. In your bottom right picture (AINavigation), your AI Move “Acceptance Radius” is set very high, which could potentially look like your AI stops at random locations. The truth is that your AI potentially can’t follow you, because the “Acceptance Radius” tells the AI, when to stop to prevent colliding and getting stuck together with the character. Try to set the “Acceptance Radius” to 5, instead of 1024.

I will try that. The reason it was so high was because the video called for it. Also what other detail do you need of the blue print?