Trying to step through some of the editor's source code


So I’m just exploring the source code in there, and I placed a break point in the following function:

void FLevelEditorActionCallbacks::OpenLevel()
	FEditorFileUtils::LoadMap(); //break point here

From LevelEditorActions.cpp, Line 170

This is supposed to be (I think) the call back function for opening a level (File -> Open Level), and I simply want to be stepping through the code and understand stuff. The problem is, VS Express doesn’t break at this point when I open a level. I also tried running the editor under “Debug Editor” and still no luck. Am I looking at the wrong function here? I want to see the code responsible for opening a level.

Thanks for any input!

Digging through code, too. ^^
It sounds right. Need do go to work now. But I’ll give it a try later.
Until someone finds out something about that function you could just follow declarations and where the function is called from…
Btw, are you planning to make an even greater ocean shader for UE4? :smiley:

You read my mind dude. :wink:

aaaaawesome :wink: Btw, I built an own ocean shader inspired by your tutorials.
Later I rebuilt it from scratch and its setup has become rather different to yours.
If you’re interested in checking out the setup, I’ll gladly share it with you!

The last version used no real uvs but world position.
Idea was to have a medium-sized ocean plane which can follow the player… without letting him notice! :slight_smile: (1:38+)