Trying to spawn a "PICK-UP", but it gets "picked up" automatically when it's spawned.

This may sound a bit confusing. This is what I am trying to do…

Spawn a pick up in the world using SPAWN ACTOR, when an event is triggered.

I have created a “PICK-UP” blueprint that uses “OnComponentOverlapStarted” to detect when it is picked up.

If I place the object and have it on by default, I can pick it up as expected.

IF I try to spawn the object using SPAWN ACTOR and a target location, it get’s triggered immediately upon spawning.

If this makes sense, does anyone have any advice on how to correct this? What am I doing wrong?

I simply want to “SPAWN” objects into the world that the player can pick up.

Thanks in advance!


When the overlap event is triggered, you want to check to see if it’s a player before doing whatever logic you have to handle the pickup. You can test this by trying to cast the actor to the player actor. If it succeeds, then it’s the player and you can continue with your logic, otherwise it won’t do anything.

That did it! Thank you so much. :slight_smile: