Trying to set up a controller to use with Cardboard viewing?

I’m working on a project right now that requires me to set up a VR Art Gallery. The user can move around the gallery with a Steelseries Stratus XL Bluetooth controller connected to a phone. They are also able to pull up a menu that has various “artworks” (they’re probably just going to be cube meshes with an image textured on one side of them). When they select an artwork by looking at it for 1 second, they can then “snap” the different artworks to certain sections of the gallery. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve gotten the SDK, NDK, Ant, and JDK to work properly on Unreal after installing Nvidia Codeworks NVPack.

I’ve brought my art gallery into Unreal with textures.

From here, I just need help setting up the controller and the UI. I haven’t worked much with blueprinting before, so any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

Bumping, as I was able to get the controller to work, but as soon as I ported it to my phone, the VR took over and the controller stopped working.