Trying to Scale down my Player Character

I am trying to experiment on something. My Player Character. I want to make him or her smaller. I scaled him down to .25 in all x,y,z areas
On the first player template, he was small and his little legs is just moving, but when it comes to running into the regular size boxes he goes
through them. I repositioned the camera in order to see him, I adjusted his speed for running, jumping. But I can’t seem to get the idea of
him on the stairs. It looks so funny but I would think he couldn’t go up the stairs, but he can, but it is weird because the stairs are to big
for him and he should not be about to go up the stairs. I scaled down the stairs and it looks ok, but somewhat off. I then create a 3rd person
and tried the same thing, but when I created a new level, I can scale him down but when I play the level, he returns big again. I don’t understand.