Trying to save my game...

Hey, I 'm trying to save my game. The variables that I’m currently working on are saving perfectly … but wanted to save actors of a class “X” that are spawned at level by a player like a “house” for example, want to load the house and set position when the player had built the house. So I have found that I have to respawn the “house” because when the level unloads the house unloads too, so I have to get right location from the savegame and respawn in that place an house that was build there… so… But the actors is giving **** hehehe… they are born in my head if … Is it the “array index” or is totally wrong …?

Anyone can save me ??? : PPP


Nowbody can help me?

First of all, please don’t push threads without waiting at least 4 days.

And then, i guess no one can answer you that question because the Blueprint above is a mess that no one can easily understand.

Please clean it up, comment it in English (You should always comment in English or in general use English for your programming stuff),
make more close up Screenshots, so people can read the variable and functions names AND get rid of everything that is not
important for your problem.

I can see comment boxes that talk about saving the player. Not really important if the Houses are not spawned correctly.
Show us where you save the houses and how you spawn them.

yeah, as stated by eXi, won’t be able to help if we cannot see any text because it is too small.
But some general advices, you must set every value inside of your savegame blueprint, before saving it. If any are not set, they will go back to there default value. So you cannot save different values at different places on the same slot, gotta save them all at once.

Allright so from the basics :

You have your savegame object. in this you need to put everything what needs to get save.

The actor that should run the function needs to create the savegameobject first. After it got created you need to cast to the object with the return value and set up everything.
and if everything is done properly save the game to slot. As a return you get a bool if it was successful or not.

And to load the values you need to load the game from slot and cast to it to get the values from your save object.

I hope I helped you a litte …

Best way is too look again and again at your blueprint and if nothing helps reblueprint this…

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey eXi, sorry my anxious … I really new in the community and really beginner in Unreal and making games in any kind of engine, so I fruit of tutorial´s from the Internet and what I m trying to say is, if I trying to do something really far from the right way to do it … I m sorry guys… :slight_smile: making games for me is a dream and I just a designer that found the unreal and blueprint just early this year… :slight_smile:
So I sorry. What I trying to do is save my game with my stats that’s right now is working very well and save actors that player will spawn on the level like HOUSE´s or a fire camp…
This time, I have translated the box´s and try to organize(really try)…
So I have saved all the “variables”, “player position” and “house position” and then I try to load the variables and the house where I have built before and supposed to have saved…




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Hey CLBander, thak u very much for your help! I have uploaded some new images… I played
Lost Island! :slight_smile: