Trying to Rework Custom Movement Modification

Hello there all. So, a few months ago I downloaded the Custom Movement Modification for Unreal 4 that allows designers to build climbing sections. It is a cool and awesome tool and I’ve already done quite a lot with it. I want to find a way to set it up so that if the player is holding onto a Zone Hold, and the Zone Hold moves, I want the node to take the player with it. If I can get this working, I’ll be able to build some far more exciting areas and events.

Anyone have any advice on how I could start making this work?

Currently, I have a set of six nodes becoming children of a blueprint component, a simple moving platform. The platform then moves and takes the nodes with them, but the player stays. Then when the player activates a movement key to climb to the next node, the player floats up to the location of the node at the time the key was pressed which could be near the platform or not.