Trying to make an Impulsion node, need some help.

Hello Guys!
Well, I am trying to make an Impulsion on the Z axis for my character, but after having tried different way to do it (or rather to not do it) I am out of idea…

The controller works for a simple input in left and right movement (X axis) but it seems impossible de make it moves on the Z axis! even with a simple movement input. I am thinking about the gravity, which could stuck my character on the floor, but even without it, nothing moves on the Z axis…

What I am trying to do is rather simple, in a sidescroller view, I would like to have right and left movement (it works) and a continuous impulse when you press a key until you realease the same key.
Hopefully I am clear enough, I’ll post the Blueprint.


The AxisValue should not be multiplied by 0.

Ok well, I already tried a bunch of different values and it makes no difference so far… I also tried to remove the multiply and just give a Z value but yeah, no changes either

500 could be too small of an impulse to lift the player.
Try bumping it up to like 1000000 see if that makes any difference (also don’t multiply by zero :p).

Okayyy, I finally Figured out why it wasn’t working, so here a little explanation for whom may have the same problem :
The pawn need to be the child of its physic mesh, and the Impulse need to be targeting the physic mesh… that makes sens, isn’t it ?
And of course the multiply must not be set at 0…

Could help some people out :