trying to make a rope in blueprints using physics constraint

please redirect me if this is a terrible place to post this :3

I have been trying to make a rope now for some time now and I’m quite happy with my results so far. i have a few issues left though and I thought I would see if I could save some time by asking here. it’s kind of hard to explain my problem without explaining what I’m doing first so I’ll start with that.

I really hope you can see the pictures I’m adding here. I’m just using a physics constraint for the swingy effect of a rope. then I needed it to have some kind of collision for it to wrap around things like a rope would do in the real world. so every frame a line traced is sent from the location of the constraint to the constrained object. if the trace returns a hit, the hit location is added to an array of vectors and a new constraint is created at said location and physics is teleported and all that stuff. now a new trace is sent from the object to the previous location of the constraint(last index -1). here is how it looks in-game :slight_smile:

the problem is when the location of the constrained object is changed. ropes are flexible and generally not sticky so the location vectors should change location depending on the object and the previous location in the array. the following picture will hopefully demonstrate this further.

I don’t know how to do that tho. I’m also assuming this method won’t work at all if the game is lagging so I need a solution for that at some point. also, let me know if you want to see my pasta code, I thought I would save myself from the embarrassment for now.