Trying to make a physical object (sphere) to chase me

I have tried for many hours without success. I would appreciate some help on this. :slight_smile:


Looking for something similar myself. I’d play around with adding force behind the object opposite the players direction? I’d look into it more but I may not be able to. These may help:
I’d think adding force behind the physics body may work but it has to collide with something, I was playing around with adding another component behind the static mesh, sending a line trace to it every tick and add force from the impact.

To be honest I forgot that I could use force.:slight_smile: . Thanks for letting me know.
I will try again.
Let the force be with you. :wink:

No problem, let me know how it goes! Been meaning to have a similar object follow the player. I’ll let you know if I figure something out.

I think I have things working now.

Here, this is the math involved, the execution is up to you. The Rotate vector is an offset so the object doesn’t end up directly on your character. Interp speed controls how fast it moves to the location

Thanks awesome! :slight_smile: