Trying to make a modded Minecraft version in UE4

I want to make my own modded versions of Minecraft in UE4 (obviously not compatible with the launcher) and I need to know which plugins to use to make certain things work:
World generation

Blocks: If you want your project to support mobile devices, you can choose instanced static mesh component as the rendering medium.
Items: Some actors that are stored in an array.
Entities: You have to program your own artificial intelligence system, since urneal’s default navmesh system does not work with voxel terrain.
World generation: This is the hardest part and is interconnected with the blocks. First, spawn chunks around the player and remove the ones that are too far to achieve infinite terrain. After that, place the blocks using the simplex nosie plugin. Before completing the previous ones, do not even try to make biomes and stuffs.
If you’re not very confident about your coding ability, do not try to spend your time on this.