Trying to learn animation, may have broken animation & rigging toolkit

Hello all,

I’ve been occasionally trying my hand at learning to animate with the A&RT.
Yesterday I’ve installed the latest version of Unreal (4.9), and to save discspace removed the old (4.7).
However, with that A&RT seems to have broken, since it still attempts to find the old files.
I’ve copied and pasted the new start-up script from UE 4.9 into the maya scripts, and tried a repair and reinstall from the Autodesk application manager.
A full uninstall/reinstall hasn’t worked either.

Clearly it is an error in the path scripting. Copying the Animation and rigging toolkit folder from the 4.9 folder to the 4.7 folder solved the issue, but it is a workaround that doesn’t sit too wel with me.