Trying to Learn about the Tutorial Blueprint Asset

This has been the most frustrating thing to research because it just brings me to a bunch of tutorials which I do not need.

Anyway, I figured out some of the basics from just testing things out but I am now working on something more time sensitive and do not have time to just play around I need some kind of docs for the Tutorial Blueprint asset.

I added a new category of Tutorials for my company in the Tutorials Window. However I would like to change the category icon and add a simple description for it. I used the Texture and Content variables to change the icon and the description of the specific tutorial but the category is the thing I am trying to change. Anyone know how or if I can even do this?

The Focus Vision Media category is what I am talking about, I want to change the Icon and add a description similar to other categories in this window.

I want to do the same thing I did to the tutorials in this window but to the Category

If anyone could point me in the right direction or please share the docs for the Tutorial Blueprint asset with me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.