Trying to integrate Avanced Locomotion System into project

I have the Advanced Locomotion System V3 added to my project. But I want to use it with my own skeleton. My skeleton is nearly identical to the stock mannequin, except for the names of a couple of bones. In this case my skeleton uses the name “lower_arm_twist_01L” and the stock skeleton uses “lowerarm_twist_01L”. I tried deleting the skeleton from ALS and telling the editor to use my skeleton as a replacement. But it’s insisting on adding new bones due to the minor variation in the bone spelling. Is there a way around this?

Look into retargeting.
Retarget all the animations to your skeleton,
Then modify the animation BP to utilize your retargets animations (if you name them intelligently this is easy, just prefix or suffix a single character and you can quickly replace them).
Once that’s done you can just swap the mesh in use on the character BP and it should all work fine.
If during testing you get a t pose or an a pose it means that particular animation wasn’t changed in the AnimBP.

You may want to work on a copy of the AnimBP btw. It may be safer to keep the original until everything works.

There’s way too many animations to do that and updating the blueprints to use the new animation set would take forever. It’s not really an option.