Trying to increase the amount of roll in this bp

Hi guys .So sorry the title is a bit vague .Hopefully the screen grab will illustrate my problem a bit better . I have a very simple game in which the player controls a ship and has to avoid obstacles at ever increasing speeds. The ship currently has roll.But the roll is not very well synced to the left right movement …This i assume is because i am using the axis value from the input axis to controll the amount of roll . My question is how can i effect that value AFTER it has passed through the add movement input and BEFORE it effects the amount of roll …I hope this makes sense

Hello again and thank you Aesais… So i now have another problem one which should have a simple solution .Since i know what is causing the problem. But since i have been away from unreal for a while and i am finding it very hard to get my head around the simple things … My problem is that when i move side to side my overall speed is shared between all of the movements meaning if i want to move to the right i have to sacrifice some forward speed . Hence if i dodge left and right quickly my forward speed is dramatically slowed .Making the game far to easy and horrible to look at . Here is my blueprint (its very simple) But then so am i lol …i hope this makes sense guys and thanks again