Trying to Implement Increased Fire Rate on FPS template character via pick up

Hey guys, i’m trying to have the FPS character in the FPS template walk up to a pick up, press a button to collect it and upon collection activate the pick up which should increase the fire rate of the weapon and make it an automatic weapon where when you hold down the LMB projectiles will come out fast for a certain period of time and stop.

I have seen a video of someone doing this within the FPS template class that’s given but not with a pickup. I’m having a hard time having the class of the pickup communicate with the class of the character when i use the Set Timer function. I keep getting an error and I tried declaring a class of my template character in my header file of the pickup as a pointer and I still can’t get it to work.

Has anyone implemented something like this before? Or know any resources that might help me out? I’m using these templates and messing around with them by implementing new things to it to learn the engine and c++ more before I tackle my own projects. Any help would be amazing!

The issue is that this is such a broad question… it can’t be simply answered. It involves an interact/pickup system, an “inventory” system, a powerup system, and a weapon system. Half the game basically. It all boils down to WeaponFireRate *= 2; How you get to this point is up to you really.

Break your issue down into smaller parts, and look for specific guides. Stuff like: input events, traces, overlaps etc.

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