Trying to get an idea how long it will take for a game to compile ...


I have a prototype Unreal 4 game I just wrapped up today and will be compiling tomorrow
after I do all my backups tonight.

Its 15 levels big and each level is about an average adventure game size map.

Just trying to get a very rough idea how long do you guys think it will compile for.
Its for Windows only at this point.
Will it be around 1 hour or 12 hours?
Just trying to get an idea :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Also if I package to the desktop, keeping the file path as short as possible, is that a good practice and will it help with errors? :slight_smile:

Also I noticed that there is a legacy list of compiling errors with UDK online.
Is there a list with the most common U4 compiling errors somewhere I cant find anything?
Or if someone happen to have such a list just so I can recognize and identify quickly without having too many heart attacks :slight_smile: