Trying to get a VR Steering wheel working. Heeeelp! Save me from my foolishness!

Hi guys. Complete newbie to blueprint here. I’ve been trawling the internet, consulting with friends and trying to get a working hovercraft in vr working. I’ve figured out almost all the of the pieces except one.

The **** steering wheel. I’ve basically hit a wall, I’ve managed to make a truck like steering wheel which, while it works, is not what I want. I want something more like a normal steering wheel, where the wheel rotates around the x axis after you’ve grabbed it, and doesn’t teleport to a new position when you grab it somewhere else after letting go.

For reference, here’s a gif I learned to make for pretties:;base64

Excuse the quality, I’m not sure where to upload it for easier viewing. I cut the framerate down for the web.

Here’s the working blueprint for the steering wheel.;base64

Here’s the other attempts I mostly got confused by, while trying to figure out how to calculate the relative rotation of the hand compared to the steering wheel and then turn the steering wheel based on the hand movement around the x axis of the steering wheel.;base64

This is the blueprint components. As you can see, super simple right now. I’m just trying to get the basic idea down.

Apologies for the spaghetti. I just started learning. Anybody got an idea how to make the steering wheel act like it should? Ie: Rotate only around its axis based on the vr hand movements. Also if anyone has any tips for grabbing stuff, that would be awesome, coz I can’t figure out how to attach your hand without also displacing it based on it’s pivot point.