Trying to get a Vehicle to accelerate really fast

What settings do I have to modify to get my Vehicle to accelerate quickly? Right now I’m just messing around with the Vehicle example template that comes with UE4.

  • I’ve set the drag coefficient to zero to see if that matters, but it seems to have little effect.
  • Max RPM is set to 10,000.
  • Torque curve is set to a horizontal line at 1,000.
  • Damping rates are set very low (0.01) and that helped some, but it’s still not nearly fast enough.

Any ideas? I’m betting it has to do with gear ratios. I’m familiar with the concept but not sure how to apply it to UE4.


Same problem here.

You still here? Then try goin’ to Engine Setup and then reduce MOI to 0.1. Hopefully that’ll give you your desired result, as that’s what worked out for me. If you’re still not satisfied go to Vehicle Setup and reduce the Mass. If neither of them do it for you, just link and Add Force node to your Throttle event to give an Artificial Boost to your vehicle. But the first one was enough for me, I guess it should work out for you as well :slight_smile: