Trying to duplicate landscape including all actions performed on centerlandscape.

Hi folks,

I am trying to create an “infinite world” with the ability to raise and lower terrain.

The Idea is to have a “master” landscape in the center, surrounded by copies that get updated in real time around it.
So lets say you create a massive mountain in the center, all the copies also get that same massive mountain in the center.

Once you reach the edge of the center landscape, and cross it onto the next, I want to teleport you to that same location on the center landscape.

Any tips would be appreciated.

I’m not sure how to automate the teleportation without setting up triggers at the edge of each landscape, because I am still fairly new. But I dealt with extending my landscape through duplication by generating in unreal, exporting as fbx and reimporting. Now you can edit the landscape in a 3d program like 3ds max and when you reimport it will affect every instance of it.

Still havent found a way to replicate/instance the landscape in order to give the feeling of a seamless infinite world.
The hack for now is to use “portals” on the boundaries of the map, these have a plane with scene capture component that gives the same illusion.
They also teleport units across the map in theory, havent tested that out yet.