Trying to create the toon showcase

I am currently trying to recreate the toon outline listed in the documentation but I am having some trouble.

As you can see the model and everything else is black while there is a white outline. I’ve posted the network below hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I tried to multiply by scenecolor but all i got was coloured lined.

Current shader is here: Begin Object Class=MaterialGraphNode_Root Name="MaterialGraphNode_Root_3" Be -

You’re almost there!

You’ve detected the edges, great. Return 0 if there isn’t an edge, return 1 if there is.

If you wanted complex coloured edges, you would then lerp between scene colour and whatever colour you wanted the edges to be by that as the alpha.

For basic black edges, you just invert what you’ve got there with a ‘1-x’ node and multiply that by scene colour. multiplying what you have there would give you black with only coloured edges, because most of that is black with white being the edges. by using ‘1-x’, you’re making most of the output white with black at the edges.
You can see how white returns the scene colour and black returns black.