Trying to control a skeletal mesh animation (from an fbx file) with a umg slider

Hi all,

So i am trying to control a skeletal mesh animation using a UMG slider. I would like to link the animtion to the umg slider. So what i mean is that the start of the animation is set at 0 on the UMG slider and the end of the animation is set to 1. I would like to be able to scrub through the animation as i move the slider. Is that easy to do? I would have thought this would be quite simple, but i cant find any tutorials or documentation for the sort of thing i want to do. If anyone can point me in the right direction i’d be very greatful.

Many thanks,


Ok so i have something working… Sort of.
i can control the skeletal mesh play rate from the slider by creating a custom event in the teapot blueprint. Unfortunately i want to control the intial position of the animation.
Anyone know if there is a blueprint command to control this??

Actually. I have it working now using the “set position” node. I can then just add the length of the skeletal animation so that it fits on the slider. Easy…