Trying to Connect to an Online Data Base

Currently I am struggling to figure out 2 different things 1st; To dynamically load assets into the game from an online URL/Database, and 2nd; connecting the game to a SQL server so that we can store what options the player has selected to their account online. If someone could help me figure out where I need to start/or let me know how to do this I would be most appreciative


Normally people do it with HTTP protocol sending POST and GET messages to a server. The back end could be done via PHP or C# (the easiest way) and you just have to setup a system to send those messages to the server. There’s a FHttpModule in UE4 to send those messages but unfortunately I was unable to write the code to make it work. You could always use 3rd party libraries to setup the communication between the game server and the server that is responsible for pulling and storing data in database.