Trying to compile a simple struct class but something's off

EDIT: Figured it out a few minutes after posting this (why does that always happen??). I needed to declare my USTRUCTs BEFORE the UCLASS, so I just moved it up and now it works.

I think the issue is GENERATED_USTRUCT_BODY(), you can see below my struct is basically empty but I get an error when compiling;

“error C653 ‘FplatformRow’ is not a class or namespace name”

I also get a red squiggly line underneath GENERATED_USTRUCT_BODY but apparently that’s normal? Any insight appreciated.

struct FplatformRow





Yeah, structures go above the class declaration, so do ENUMS and macros. As for the red-squiggly line (which is an error indicator) that happens a lot with visual studio. The problem that Visual Studio just doesn’t really understand Unreal specific stuff, so yo usually have to build to clear out those, you’ll get the hang of it.