trying to achieve good lighting result in UE4

now i’m trying to achieve good lighting result in UE4 on a simple scene. but results are pretty bad.
if we use Vray(or another rendering engine) in 3ds max we use rectangle area light(or light portal)
in frame window and easy то get a good lighting result with accurate soft shadows.
but how i get similar results in UE4?
now i have some problems:
1.Shadows are pretty blurry
2.Dark. Seems to not enough global illumination bounces in room.
what workflow i must use?
can anyone describe me workflow setup lighting in UE4?
attached vray and UE4 tests imgs on a same simple scene.

Is this just using the directional and atmospheric lighting or are you also using AO? I feel like your deep angles are not…reading…right? If that makes any sense. I cannot tell if something went wrong in the Vray process (which it shouldn’t have Vray is pretty specialized) or if it is just lacking that AO spark. Unreal does really well with nice AO and has a lot of capabilities for it and at least in those first who images the deep angles seem really bright and soft which doesn’t make too much sense for where they are in space. In the second two images it seems the shadows are just way too intense and the opacity is maxed out or something super wrong. It also seems like the spotlighting isn’t quite right from the directional glow right down the middle. I’m not sure though. I agree that something is not right with these images, but I don’t know if it is one thing or maybe a few small tweaks.

Here’s some info on just fine-tuning the quality of lighting in simple apartment style building models in Unreal. It may be way below your skill set, but I find these docs to be mega helpful because they cover stuff I don’t always think of. This is actually part of a whole series on lighting apartment style building models, so if you hit “next step” or “previous step” you can see the entire Unreal workflow for this. Maybe there’s just something in there that clicks for you!

And here’s the doc on AO:

Good luck! :slight_smile: